Class of 1960

Bill and Patsy Barnett
Virginia (Brannon) Will 

Pete Brotherton Kufeld

Frank and Cynthia Collins
Carleen Davis
Carole Ann Greene Stephenson

Barry Hoover and Terri Guinyard

Dan and Sandra Kerns 
George McEver
Donnie and Susie Oehler
Meredith Osborne Galvin

Allen and Peggy Padgett  (No picture)

Candy Burns Crenshaw

Joyce Stallings Bergh

Judy (Whitlow) and Larry Lance
Class of 1957
Mac Blythe   (No picture)

Don and Mae Hampton 
Class of 1958
Nancy (Thomas) Blythe   (No picture)

Linda (Wilson) and Harry Smith
Class of 1961

Darlene (Brigance) and Wayne Patterson   (No picture)

Jerry and Susan McGee

Judy Mullis McGuirt

Sarah Penninger Tyler

Bob Wallace and Donna Henry
Class of 1962
John Wayne and Cathey Adams

Silas  Davis

Fred Entrekin

Ann Hall Tant

West Hunter

Suzanne McCord Crawford

Pat (Sharar) Darnell

Karen Sigmon McDowell

Lynn Slayton and wife    (No picture)

Betty Walters Barr

Linda Winecoff Davis

Class of 1963

Junie Davis

Sherrie Groves

Darrell Hinson

Johnny Wallace

Class of 1964

Shelby Wallace

Judy Whitlow Murphy

Class of 1965

Sherry Collins Hester

Peggy (Hoover) and Mike Hussy

Phyllis Stallings

Ronnie Stallings

Class of 1966

Rhonda Sims Walker

Class of 1967

Sherry Sigmon

Class of 1976

David Phillips

Class of 1978

Joyce Smith Untz

Class of 1980

Neana Smith Phillips

Class of 1982
Angie McGee


Deanna Carlyle

Debbie Evans   (Daughter of Virginia Brannon Will)

Linda Evans    (Friend of Sherrie Groves)

Ryan Edwards   (Grandson of Dan and Sandra Kerns)

Karen Noegel

Renee Pasour